The Tide Mill, Woodbridge
The Tide Mill, Woodbridge

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TBL Virtual Living create full screen interactive virtual tours for websites and CD-ROMs. This video shows what industries we create virtual tours for and also how we do it. If there is a location that needs a virtual tour then we can create it and put it on Google maps. You will see we can create virtual tours for Cities, Towns, hotels, property, clubs, restaurant, bars, attractions and much much more. Enjoy the video and discover what we can do for you. If a picture can paint a thousand words then a virtual tour paints a thousand pictures!

Virtual Tours start at only £75!

At TBL Virtual Living we design and create full screen interactive virtual tours with

still photography, cameras from Canon. The software is developed by Easypano,

arguably the worlds leading company in this field.

With interactive maps, Google Virtual map, hotspots, radar, walkthrough, audio,

YouTube video and dynamic text all to enhance the virtual experience. All this is

created by using still photography; but when you are immersed in a virtual tour

you would believe that this has been captured by video.


With FREE hosting of your virtual tour or scene there are no annual/monthly fees to be paid.


Payment is in stages throughout the project.


City 8 and TBL Virtual Living can now provide a fully interactive virtual City or large area.

See what is possible by clicking the tab, Street View. If you are interested in commissioning

ourselves to capture your city, town, county or large area then click here




Virtual tour screen shot
Virtual tour screen shot
  • 2 Virtual Tour Locations (+ £45 per extra location).
  • 6 Still images.
  • Floorplans with interactive radar hotspots (Floorplan image supplied by your business).
  • Virtual Tour interface designed around your business image or website.
  • Virtual tour of your business placed on Google Map (Mapplet).
  • Hosted on TBL Virtual Living server for life of business.
  • Link is given to your webmaster to then embed into your business's website.
  • We will discuss with you when to start the photography.
  • Contracts is signed to protect both parties.
  • All this starts at only £200! Find out more.