How to Advertise in our virtual tours

How much does an advert cost in virtual Norwich, Woodbridge or Framlingham?

The cost of an advert for 6 months is £150; for 1 year £250. The advert will be placed in a location

(you can choose which location) and when the cursor goes over the hotspot your advert (logo) will appear;

if clicked it will bring the user to your website.

Can I have more than one advert in a virtual tour?

Yes you can, you will pay for each logo in the virtual tours, a discount of 20% if you

have 10 or more logos in a virtual tour.

Can I place a logo to a social network site for friends to view?

Yes you can place any advert that has a url hyperlink to any domain on the WWW. However we

have the right to remove the advert if we feel that it is offensive or abusive in any manner.

We check all url domains prior to placing logos within our tours.

I am organising an event but I do not want to advertise for as long as 6 months. Can I advertise for fewer months?

Yes you can but the minimum cost is £150 and we will leave the logo on for 6 months.

I am interested in placing an advert. What do I do now?

Please contact our friendly staff via email or telephone and we will discuss with you the whole process and have

you, your business represented in our virtual tours. We look forward to hearing from you.

I am interested in having a virtual tour commissioned by TBL Virtual Living. What is the process to having a tour done?

Please contact our friendly staff via the contact form or telephone. You will be able to understand the process

of how we will work with you in creating for you a full screen interactive virtual tour.