Sponsoring a virtual location or commissioning a new location

How much does it cost to sponsor a location in Virtual Norwich, Woodbridge or Framlingham?

It will cost £500 to have your logo on the disc and an advert will be placed within the location,

both will link to your website when clicked.The sponsorship is for a duration of 1 year.

Each and every year that you wish to have you will recieve a 10% discount.

What does it mean to sponsor a location?

Sponsoring a location means that a virtual scene (location name) can be sponsored by you or your business.

If a location exists and there is not a disc on the floor or logo within the location (apart from TBL Virtual Living)

then you are able to sponsor that said location.

What does it mean to commission a new location?

Within our virtual tours there are various locations (virtual scenes) were an individual or business

can sponsor a location. However let us say that you like a virtual tour but within the tour there

is not a location that you would like to see, so you wish to commission TBL Virtual Living to create

a virtual scene (location) within the said tour. This is then what we mean by sponsoring a location.

What is the benefit to commissioning a new location?

You decide which location to add to a virtual tour, say next to your business.

You then get 2 years sponsorship of that location for £500, this includes a disc on the floor with

your logo, a logo within the location that also lasts for 2 years.

I want a virtual tour of my business premises. What is the cost? And What is the process to having a tour done?

We would be delighted to discuss with you your requirements for a virtual tour of your business.

Please telephone or contact our friendly staff. You will be able to see the process of how we will work

with you in creating a virtual tour. We will give you a no obligation quote for the virtual tour project

once we have had an appointment with you.