How do I get a Virtual Tour on my website?

Contact TBL Virtual Living via phone, e-mail or letter. ++44(0) 1394 386836,

23 Oxford Drive, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4EH.

Initial appointment.

We will arrange with you an appointment so that we can discuss your requirements,

and view the potential location to be captured.

No Obligation Quote.

A no obligation estimate is given to you, this is then followed up in writing in a contract, if you choose to proceed.

Contract drawn up detailing project.

A contract is written up by ourselves to protect both parties, discribing what is to be photographed

and length of time for the project.

Payment in stages.

An initial payment is required prior to any photography being carried out

The initial payment can be received on the day of the agreed date prior to commencement of the photography.

TBL Virtual Living will start at an agreed date/time, working with you.

On Location photography when convienient to you.

The photography for each location is carried out, one location requires 5 to 6 pictures to capture the panoramic view. One location between 10 - 15 minutes estimate time.

Best Equipment used.

We have now upgraded our equipment to a Canon EOS - 1D Mark III, a D-SLR camera that is argubly a world leader.

Post photography.

When all locations are photographed the stitching, editing and design of the scene/tour is carried out at our premises.

Tour design and upload to our server.

When we at TBL Virtual Living have tested, uploaded and proof read the work we will show you, our client, this is the first draft.

At this point you are able to make minor changes (will be discribed in the contract).

We will come to you in person or send the links via e-mail.

Completion with final payment.

If required we will carry out the minor changes and then show you the final work once completed.

At this point final payment is received then the links are given to you and/or your webmaster to then

intergrate the scenes on your website.


We will be happy to advise you on how to best show your new investment on your website.

The Photography Process on location

The Post Photography and Virtual Tour design at our office

The Virtual Tour going Live on the internet

The Riverside Theatre & Cinema
The Riverside Theatre & Cinema

Theatre name : The Riverside Theatre & Cinema


We will test and proof read the virtual tour prior to showing you our client.

When you are happy with the virtual tour we will upload it to our server,

free of charge.

When final payment has been recieved we will give you the url link for your webmaster to embed into your website.

We will give you suggestions on how best to show your audience your new investment.

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