Frequently Asked Questions

Why TBL Virtual Living?

We create virtual scenes and tours with the latest state of the art photographic equipment,

a D-SLR Canon EOS 1-D Mark III and a Manfrotto panoramic head.


With technology from Easypano, arguably the worlds leading company in this field.

We can create full screen interactive tours. With interactive maps, hotspots, radar,

walkthrough, audio, video and dynamic text all to enhance the virtual experience.

A virtual tour or scene is easily embedded into your website with just a url link,

no need to use up your server space as all tours are hosted on our servers.

With FREE hosting of your virtual tour or scene there are no annual/monthly fees to be paid.


Payment is in stages throughout the project.

What is a Virtual Scene?

A virtual scene is a series of panoramic photographs stitched together using specialist

software, Panoweaver. Panoweaver produces a virtual scene that gives the user the "impression"

that they are actually standing in the location and by the use of the mouse they are

able to view 360 degrees.

Example of a Virtual Scene - Click image to load virtual scene.

St Mary's Church Woodbridge
St Mary's Church Woodbridge

What is a Virtual Tour?

A full screen interactive virtual tour is when the virtual scenes are put together in a tour and giving

the "impression" that the user is "walking" from one scene to the other. Rather than just having a

small virtual tour you are able to immerse yourself in a full screen virtual environment. Hotspots, (areas)

on the tour allow the the user to interact with the tour. Hotspots can be linked to other

scenes, websites, images, audio, e-commerce, etc....

How do I get a Virtual Tour on my website?

Contact TBL Virtual Living via phone, e-mail or letter. ++44(0) 1394 386836,

23 Oxford Drive, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4EH.

We will arrange with you an appointment so that we can discuss your requirements,

and view the potential location to be captured.


A no obligation estimate is given to you, that is followed up in writing in the form of a contract if you choose to proceed.

A contract is written up by ourselves to protect both parties, discribing what is to be photographed

and length of time for the project.


An initial payment is required prior to any photography being carried out

The initial payment can be recieved on the day of the agreed date to commence the photography.

TBL Virtual Living will start at an agreed date/time.


The photography for each location is carried out, one location requires 5 to 6 pictures to capture the panoramic view.

We have now upgraded our equipment to a Canon EOS - 1D Mark III, a D-SLR camera that is argubly a world leader.

When all locations are photographed the stitching, editing and design of the scene and/or tour is carried out at our premises.

When we at TBL Virtual Living have tested, uploaded and proof read the work we will show you, our client, this is the first draft.

At this point you are able to make minor changes (will be discribed in the contract).

We will come to you in person or send the links via e-mail.


If required we will carry out the minor changes and then show you the final work once completed.

At this point final payment is received then the links are given to you and/or your webmaster to then

intergrate the scenes on your website.