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The Riverside Restaurant & Bar, Woodbridge, Suffolk

The Dining Area
The Dining Area

Restaurant name : The Riverside Restaurant & Bar


Description : A virtual tour of the Riverside Restaurant & Bar in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.

Explore the restaurant, bar and terrace, follow hotspot links to the Al a carte menu,

dinner & film menu, lunchtime tapas and much more.

Aqua Eight Restaurant & Bar, Ipswich, Suffolk

Upstairs Dining Area
Upstairs Dining Area

Restaurant name : Aqua Eight Restaurant & Bar


Description : A virtual tour of Aqua Eight Restaurant & Bar in Central Ipswich boasts the best

of Eastern cuisine. Aqua Eight has the look of a London restaurant, bespoke china,

custom - made seating and the option of eating at the bar or up-stairs in a subtly-lit, open plan area.

Explore and discover some of the tempting dishes throughout this tour.